Featuring the artwork of Johan Tieldow.


Forever People is proud to present the first of a new series of solo adventure gamebooks written in the style of Fighting Fantasy and Lone Wolf. Heavily influenced by writers like Joe Dever, Steve Jackson, Ian Livingstone and Dave Morris, this is book 1 in the planned Woven Paths series and first of the Scythe-Bearer Trilogy.


Welcome to the magical world of Yarnia where you become the Scythe-Bearer, a disenfranchised farmhand who find themselves thrust into the middle of a dark and sinister mystery. As hero of the story, you must embark on a perilous quest to rescue your young brother from a coven of marauding witches and the grotesque monsters that serve them.


Featuring the unique Woven Paths game system, 530+ pages and 650 paragraph entries to explore, Malice From the Middle Vale brings the old school feel of gamebooks like Warlock of Firetop Mountain and Steve Jackson's Sorcery! epics to a new and exciting setting.

Strange Aeon is a truly British horror RPG based in the H P Lovecraft universe.


1980s Britain and the apocalypse is here. The stars were right and this strange aeon is the result.


Bleak, gritty and hugely enjoyable, Strange Aeon takes you into a world of desolation, unspeakable monsters, monolithic alien cities and scavenging runs into ruins overrun by the undead and horrors of the mythos alike.


But there's more to this game than meets the eye. With the help of an ancient relic awarded to the players at the start of their game, there may be a way to escape the dereliction of modern life and slip back through time into other worlds. And therein may lie salvation from the horror.



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364 pages



Due for publication November 2017

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You are Detective Inspector Broadside, a career copper, veteran of many high profile cases and no stranger to the seedy underbelly of inner-city life.


But your job takes its toll and after a particularly harrowing case you find yourself in desperate need of some rest and recuperation.


You take a holiday in the sleepy seaside town of Midwich, but when the local constabulary seek out your advice you find yourself thrust into a deadly mystery and a murder case which will test the limits of both your skill and your sanity.


First in the EVP series of horror gamebooks by David Sharrock.